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Andriotis O.G., Chang S.W., Vanleene M., Howarth P.H., Davies D.E., Shefelbine S.J., Buehler M.H., Thurner P.J.:
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FEM Modeling of Multilayered Textile Composites Based on Shell Elements;
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Toughness and Damage Susceptibility in Human Cortical Bone is Proportional to Mechanical Inhomogeneity at the Osteonal-Level;
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The Influence of a Brittle Cr Interlayer on the Deformation Behavior of Thin Cu Films on Flexible Substrates: Experiment and Model;
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Comparison of Mixed and Kinematic Uniform Boundary Conditions in Homogenized Elasticity of Femoral Trabecular Bone Using Microfinite Element Analyses;
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Schwab M., Todt M., Pettermann H.E.:
Simulation of the Intermediate Velocity Impact Behavior of Woven Composite Laminate Applying Progressive Damage Models for Plies and Interfaces;
in Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (Eds. O.T.Thomsen, C.Berggreen, B.F.Sørensen), paper ID 4417-4, 11 pages,

Schwab M., Todt M., Pettermann H.E.:
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Bristol University, Bristol, UK 2015.

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Human-Like Hand Use in Australopithecus Africanus;
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The Influence of Bone Density and Anisotropy in Finite Element Models of Distal Radius Fracture Osteosynthesis: Evaluations and Comparison to Experiments;
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Varga P., Hesse B., Langer M., Schrof S., Männike N., Suhonen H., Pacureanu A., Pahr D., Peyrin F., Raum K.:
Synchrotron X-Ray Phase Nano-Tomography-Based Analysis of the Lacunar-Canaliicular Network Morphology and its Relation to the Strains Experienced by Osteocytes in Situ as Predicted by Case-Specific Finite Element Analysis;
Biomech.Mater.Mechanobiol. 14, 267-282, 2015.

Zysset P.K., Pahr D.H., Engelke K., Genant H.K., McClung M.R., Kendler D.L., Recknor C., Kinzl M., Schwiedrzik J., Museyko O., Wang A., Libanati C.:
Comparison of Proximal Femur and Vertebral Body Strength Improvements in the FREEDOM Trial Using an Alternative Finite Element Methodology;
Bone 81, 122-130, 2015.

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