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       Biomechanics is the science of motion of living systems, of the forces that animate them, of the laws of equilibrium that govern them and of the behavior of the living matter. The principles of biomechanics contribute to the understanding of the structure and mechanical function of a living organism, a physiological system, an organ, a tissue or a cell to predict the consequences of an alteration of the structure and to propose artificial interventions to restore a deficient function following a disease, an accident or a malformation. Biomechanics is a modern subject with ancient roots and covers a very wide territory (Y.C. Fung).

At the ILSB, the focus of the research activities is biomechanics of living tissues with the aim of understanding the relationship between their morphology and mechanical properties in healthy and diseased conditions. The experience of the ILSB resides primarily, but not exclusively in musculo-skeletal and dental tissues.A triple experimental, numerical and theoretical approach is favored for synergistic characterization, simulation and modelling of their mechanical properties:

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