Nonlinear Analysis of Shells by Finite Elements (Ed. F.G.Rammerstorfer),
pp. 131-194, 1992


F.G. Rammerstorfer¹, K. Dorninger² and A. Starlinger³

¹Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace Engineering,
TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
²Saturn Corp., Troy, MI, USA
³NASA Lewis Research Center,
Cleveland, OH, USA

Abstract - Finite shell elements for geometrically and materially nonlinear stress and stability analyses of fibre reinforced composite shells as well as sandwich shells with orthotropic core material are presented. The element formulations are based on the degeneracy principle including large displacements with an efficient thickness integration. Some micromechanical models are discussed which allow the esitmation of over-all material laws used in the shell analyses. Examining suitable failure criteria and taking into account post-cracking, post-wrinkling and post-buckling stiffnesses allow for the investigation of progressive damage. Furthermore, anisotropic plasticity effects are taken into account for consideration of metal matrix composite (MMC) shells. Some computed expamples and comparisons with experimental results illustrate that an extended range of composite specific problems can be covered by these laminated and sandwich elements.