Sandwich Construction 3 Vol.I (Ed. H.G.Allen), pp. 325-334, 1996


M.A. Stiftinger¹, F.G. Rammerstorfer¹ and A. Starlinger²

¹Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace Engineering,
TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
²AIREX AG, Sins, Switzerland

Abstract - Starlinger and Rammerstorfer presented a semi-analytical-numerical approach for the calculation of face layer membrane stress states which are critical with respect to wrinkling of the face layers of sandwiches at short wavelengths. The implementation of this approach into special nonlinear finite shell elements allows the consideration of these local effects in the computation of the behavior of sandwich structures. This procedure can be used for isotropic face layers on isotropic or orthotropic cores.

In the present work the extension of the approach to orthotropic face layers on anisotropic cores is described. The analytical derivations are presented and numerical results using a finite element discretization show the effectiveness of the presented approach.