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The past decades have been a phase of rapid progress for computer aided engineering (CAE), both in terms of expanding fields of application and of increasing sophistication of the methods.

Research at the ILSB has been aimed at linear and, especially, nonlinear problems of solid mechanics, most of the work being based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). Efforts have been directed, on the one hand, towards devising improved analysis codes as well as pre- and postprocessing programs, and, on the other hand, on developing economical mathematical models for complex structures and processes. Special emphasis has been put on applying these approaches to practical problems in cooperation with industrial partners.

An area of special research interest is the study of the stress, deformation, and stability behavior of shells in general and of layered, laminated, and sandwich shells in particular. Special Finite Elements have been developed for such applications which account for both geometrical and material nonlinearities (e.g. progressive damage in laminates, local instability phenomena in sandwiches, matrix yielding in MMCs). The material behavior on the lamina and sub-lamina level is described by lamination theory and by appropriate three-dimensional Finite Element models, respectively (e.g. to study the local stress distributions near free edges in integrally stiffened composite shells).

Much of the work done at the ILSB on Numerical Methods in Engineering is aimed at applications within the research foci Lightweight Design and Micromechanics of Materials, so that publications directly related to the present field may be found under these headings.

Some Relevant Publications:

Ceglar T., Schwab M., Pettermann H.E.:
DCB and ENF Multi-Scale Simulations;
in Proceedings of the 6th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on the Mechanical Response of Composites (Eds. J.J.C.Remmers, A.Turon), pp. 13-23;
TU Eindhoven, 2017.

Springer M., Nelhiebl M., Pettermann H.E.:
Combined Simulation of Fatigue Crack Nucleation and Propagation Based on a Damage Indicator;
Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale 38, 155-161, 2016.

Springer M., Nelhiebl M., Pettermann H.E.:
Fatigue Crack Growth Modeling in the Metallization of Power Semiconductors under Cyclic Thermo-Mechanical Loading;
in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical & Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE), paper 109;
IEEE, New York, NY, 2016.

Palau T., Kuhn A., Nogales S., Böhm H.J., Rauh A.:
A Neural Network Based Elasto-Plasticity Material Model;
In Proceedings of the 6th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (Eds. J.Eberhardsteiner, H.J.Böhm, F.G.Rammerstorfer), Paper 3112; Vienna Unviersity of Technology, Vienna, 2012.

Kuhn A., Palau T., Schlager G., Böhm H.J., Nogales S., Oancea V., Roy R., Rauh A., Lescheticky J.:
CoMModO - Complex Material Modelling Operations: A Comprehensive Approach to the Modelling of Complex Materials with Machine Learning Models within Finite Element Simulations;
in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation (Eds. A.Bruzzone, C.Frydman, M.Massei, M.McGinnis, M.A.Piera, G.Zacharewicz), pp. 80-89;
Universitá di Genova, Genoa, 2011.

Rammerstorfer F.G., Pahr D.H., Daxner T., Vonach W.K.:
Buckling in Thin Walled Micro and Meso Structures of Lightweight Materials and Material Compounds;
Comput.Mech. 37, 470-478, 2006.

Daxner T., Rammerstorfer F.G., Fischer F.D.:
Instability Phenomena During the Conical Expansion of Circular Cylindrical Shells;
Comput.Meth.Appl.Mech.Engng. 194, 2591--2603, 2005.

Pahr D.H., Böhm H.J., Humer K., Weber H.W.:
Analytical and FEM Investigations of Shear/Compression Test Fixtures; Cryogenics 45, 606-616, 2005.

Friedl N.:
Membrane Structures in Unsteady Potential Flow;
in Proc. Fifth World Congress on Compuational Mechanics (WCCM V) (Eds. H.A.Mang, F.G. Rammerstorfer, J. Eberhardsteiner), Paper # 80870; TU Wien, Vienna, 2002
Abstract        Full Paper (pdf)

Pahr D.H., Rammerstorfer F.G., Rosenkranz P., Humer K., Weber H.W.:
Experimental and Numerical Determinaion of the Inter-Laminar Shear Strength for Short-Beam-Shear and Double-Lap-Shear Specimens;
in Proc. 6th International Conference on Deformation and Failure of Composites, pp. 357-365; IOM Communications, London, UK, 2001

Daxner T., Rammerstorfer F.G., Böhm H.J.:
Adaptation of Density Distributions for Optimising Aluminium Foam Structures;
Mater.Sci.Technol. 16, 935-939, 2000

Pahr D., Seitzberger M., Rammerstorfer F.G., Böhm H.J., Billinger W.:
Global/Local Analysis of the Stiffness and Failure Behavior of Perforated Laminates;
in Proc. ICCE/7 (Ed. D.Hui.), pp. 675-676; ICCE, New Orleans, LA, 2000

Seitzberger M.:
Contributions to an Efficient Numerical Analysis of the Plastic Collapse Behaviour of Thin-Walled Structures.
VDI-Verlag (Reihe 18, Nr.247), Düsseldorf, 2000

Mang H.A., Rammerstorfer F.G. (Eds.):
Discretization Methods in Structural Mechanics.
Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1999

Seitzberger M., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Über die Anwendung der exakten Ilyushin Fließfläche in Traglastuntersuchungen von Schalenstrukturen;
in Proc. 6. Workshop Numerische Methoden der Plastomechanik (Eds. D. Besdo), pp. 237-252; Institut für Mechanik, Universität Hannover, 1998
Abstract (in German)

Seitzberger M., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Study of Axisymmetric Crushing Mechanisms by Sequential Limit Analysis;
in Proc.IJCrash'98 (Eds. E.C.Chirwa, D.C.Viano), pp. 509-521; Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 1998

Stiftinger M.A., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Face Layer Wrinkling in Sandwich Shells - Theoretical and Experimental Investigations;
Thin-Walled Struct. 29, 113-127, 1997

Stiftinger M.A.:
Semi-Analytical Finite Element Formulations for Layered Shells with Consideration of Edge Effects.
VDI-Verlag (Reihe 18, Nr.203), Düsseldorf, 1996

Nikitin L.V., Fischer F.D., Oberaigner E.R., Rammerstorfer F.G., Seitzberger M., Mogilevsky R.I.:
On the Frictional Behaviour of Thermally Loaded Beams Resting on a Plane;
Int.J.Mech.Sci. 38, 1219-1229, 1996

Wang X., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Determination of Effective Breadth and Effective Width of Stiffened Plates by Finite Strip Analysis;
Thin-Walled Struct. 26, 261-286, 1996

Fischer F.D., Kolednik O., Shan G.X., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
A Note on Calibration of Ductile Failure Damage Indicators;
Int.J.Fract. 73, 345-357, 1995

Wang X., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Coupling Effects in Linear Stress and Buckling Analysis by the Finite Strip Method;
ZAMM 74, T712-T714, 1994

Rammerstorfer F.G. (Ed.):
Nonlinear Analysis of Shells by Finite Elements.
CISM Courses and Lectures 328, Springer-Verlag, Wien, 1992

Rammerstorfer F.G., Fischer F.D.:
The Computational Verification of a New Procedure for the Experimental Determination of Residual Stresses in Compound Rollers;
in Residual Stresses - III (Eds. H.Fujiwara, T.Abe, K.Tanaka), pp. 1201-1208; Elsevier, London, 1992

Rammerstorfer F.G., Scharf K., Maurer K.L., Fischer F.D.:
Stress Analysis of the Archduke Carl Monument in Vienna;
Int.J.Comput.Appl.Technol. 5, 100-108, 1992

Starlinger A., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
A Finite Element Formulation for Sandwich Shells Accounting for Local Failure Phenomena;
in Sandwich Construction 2, Vol.1 (Eds. D.Weissman-Berman, K.A.Olsson), pp. 161-185; EMAS Publishing, Warley, UK, 1992

Fischer F.D., Hinteregger E., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
A Computational Study of the Residual Stress Distribution in Thermally Loaded Beams of Arbitrary Cross-Section on Frictional Support;
in Nonlinear Computational Mechanics - State of the Art (Eds. P.Wriggers, W.Wagner), pp. 737-750; Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1991

Svobodnik A.J., Böhm H.J., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
A 3/D Finite Element Approach for Metal Matrix Composites Based on Micromechanical Models;
Int.J.Plast. 7, 781-802, 1991

Starlinger A., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Berücksichtigung von lokalem kurzwelligem Deckschichtbeulen in speziellen Finiten Sandwich-Schalenelementen;
ZAMM 71, T619-T623, 1991

Dorninger K., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
A Layered Composite Shell Element for Elastic and Thermoelastic Stress and Stability Analysis at Large Deformations;
Int.J.Num.Meth.Engng. 30, 833-858, 1990

Fischer F.D., Rammerstorfer F.G., Bauer F.J.:
Fatigue and Fracture of High-Alloyed Steel Specimens Subjected to Purely Thermal Cycling;
Metall.Trans. 21A, 935-948, 1990

Starlinger A.:
Development of Efficient Finite Shell Elements for the Analysis of Sandwich Structures under Large Deformations and Global as well as Local Instabilities.
VDI-Verlag (Reihe 18, Nr.93), Düsseldorf, 1990

Svobodnik A.J.:
Numerical Treatment of the Elastic-Plastic Macromechanical Behavior of Longfiber-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites.
VDI-Verlag (Reihe 18, Nr.90), Düsseldorf, 1990

Dorninger K.:
Entwicklung von nichtlinearen FE-Algorithmen zur Berechnung von Schalenkonstruktionen aus Faserverbundstoffen.
VDI-Verlag (Reihe 18, Nr.65), Düsseldorf, 1989

Rammerstorfer F.G., Dorninger K., Böhm H.J., Zerobin F.:
Analysis of Frictional Contact Problems in High Field Superconducting Magnets for a Hadron Collider;
Comput.Struct. 32, 787-795, 1989

Ziegler F., Rammerstorfer F.G.:
Thermoelastic Stability;
in Thermal Stresses III (Ed. R.B.Hetnarski), pp. 107-189, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1989

Pertinent Doctoral Theses Done at the ILSB:

Numerical Simulations of Fatigue Crack Problems in Semiconductor Devices Subjected to Thermomechanical Loading, 2014

Florian TOTH:
Static and Dynamic Modelling of Lightweight Floating Platforms Supported by Flexible Air Chambers, 2014

Melanie TODT:
Continuum Shell Models for Multi-Layer Carbon Nanostructures, 2012

Quoc-Tinh BUI:
Studies on Modeling the Failure Behavior of Spot Welds, 2009

Christian GROHS:
Study of Effects of Weld Seams in Finite Element Crash Simulations, 2008

Thomas DRABEK:
Modeling of Matrix Damage in Particle Reinforced Ductile Matrix Composites, 2005

Nikolaus FRIEDL:
Membrantragflächen in instationärer Potentialströmung (Membrane Wings in Unsteady Potential Flow), 2002

Investigation of the Structural Behaviour of the CERN CMS Elecromagnetic Calorimeter Barrel Mechanical Support: Analysis and Systematic Studies, 2001

Contributions to an Efficient Numerical Analysis of the Plastic Collapse Behaviour of Thin-Walled Structures, 1999

Derivation and Finite Element Implementation of Constitutive Material Laws for Multiphase Composites Based on Mori-Tanaka Approaches, 1997

Semi-Analytical Finite Element Formulations for Layered Shells with Consideration of Edge Effects, 1996

Thomas J. REITER:
Functional Adaptation of Bone and Application in Optimal Structural Design, 1995

Xinyu WANG:
Finite Strip Formulations for Strength, Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Plates, 1994

Development of Efficient Finite Shell Elements for the Analysis of Sandwich Structures under Large Deformations and Global as well as Local Instabilities, 1990

Numerical Treatment of the Elastic-Plastic Macromechanical Behavior of Longfiber-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites, 1990

Entwicklung von nichtlinearen FE-Algorithmen zur Berechnung von Schalenkonstruktionen aus Faserverbundstoffen, 1989

Werner AULI:
Statische und dynamische Stabilität von Leichtbaukonstruktionen unter konservativer und nichtkonservativer Belastung, 1986

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