activities of the research division Lightweight Design
at the Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics (ILSB) on

Modeling and Simulation of Materials, Structures, and Components

fields of activities
• continuum solid mechanics
• structural mechanics
• mechanics of materials

advanced materials considered
• fiber and fabric reinforced polymers – laminates
• metal matrix composites
• cellular and porous materials and structures
• nano materials
• thin film-substrate systems

applied methods
• numerical approaches (FEM)
• (semi-)analytical approaches
• multi-scale approaches
• development and implementation of advanced nonlinear methods

constitutive and structural behavior
• linear and nonlinear thermomechanical and thermophysical behavior
• plasticity, viscoelasticity, nonlinear elasticity
• continuum damage mechanics
• fracture mechanics
• fatigue
• delamination
• structural and material instabilities
• impact and dynamic behavior



2018 12 12 – pet