Dipl.-Ing. Mathis Nalbach

Research Unit of Biomechanics

Function: Project Assistant

Room Number: BE 01 05

email: nalbach@ilsb.tuwien.ac.at

phone: +43 1 58801 31739

Office hours: on appointment

About me:

I graduated from TU Darmstadt, Germany in mechanical and process engineering and received the B.Sc. in 2014. Then, I moved to Vienna to study Biomedical Engineering at TU Wien, Austria and graduated in 2016 to receive the M.Sc.. Currently, I am doing my Ph.D. at the ILSB, TU Wien, Austria with the topic “Development of a Tensile Testing Device for Individual Collagen Fibrils and other Nanofibres”. During this project, I developed a novel method to couple nano- and microfibers to a cantilever-based force sensor in a reversible manner. With this and by applying control engineering, I was able to conduct first true force-controlled tensile tests of collagen fibrils and electrospun fibers at 10s of nanonewton resolution.


My main research interests include AFM based nano- and microindentation of soft samples, and biomechanics with a focus on collagenous tissues. Of particular interest is the spatiotemporal mechanism of deformation of molecular and super-molecular assemblies and impact of this on biological function. Further interests are nanometrology, nanopositioning, nanolithography, mechanobiology and tissue engineering.