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Teaching at the ILSB is primarily geared towards the bachelor and master studies in Mechanical Engineering ("Maschinenbau"), Industrial Engineering - Management ("Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Maschinenbau") and Process Engineering ("Verfahrenstechnik"), the master studies in Materials Science ("Werkstoffwissenschaften") and biomedical engineering, as well as the doctoral studies in Engineering.

Lightweight Structures
The lecture Leichtbau serves to introduce Bachelor students to light weight design. Further courses in light weight structures are provided for Master students in the form of a calculational tutorial, a seminar, a lab course and a project. The lectures Technische Plastizitätstheorie (Theory of Plasticity), Optimaldimensionierung (Optimal Design), Composite Engineering, Leichtbau mit faserverstärkten Kunststoffen (Structural Design with Fiber Reinforced Polymers), Sandwich Structures and Festigkeitsberechnung von Bauteilen (Strength of Structual Components) are devoted to special issues in the field of designing lightweight structures.

Numerical Engineering Methods
The lecture Einführung in die Finite Elemente Methoden (Introduction to Finite Elements) and the accompanying exercises aim at providing Bachelor students with basic knowledge in linear FE methods in Solid Mechanics. The knowledge of Master students is expanded towards nonlinear finite elements in the courses Nichtlineare Finite Elemente Methoden and towards pre-and postprocessing as well as modeling issues in the courses Problemlösung mit FE, a lecture with accompanying exercises being offered in each case. A seminar and a project provide additional insight into FE methods.

The ILSB's teaching in this field is primarily oriented towards Tissue Biomechanics ("Biomechanik der Gewebe"). Master level students are offered a lecture, a calculational tutorial, a seminar, a lab course and a project. In addition, an introductory lecture on Finite Elements in Biomechanics is available.

Aerospace Engineering and Naval Engineering
The courses pertaining to Aerospace Engineering are intended to give students an introduction into relevant topics.

Some bachelor's theses, numerous master's theses as well as a number of doctoral theses in the fields of Lightweight Structures, Numerincal Engineering Methods and Biomechanics were done or are in various stages of completion, the computer and laboratory equipment of the ILSB being used in most cases.

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