ABSTRACT of the Master's Thesis

Computer Simulation of Ion Channelling in Heteroepitaxial Bicrystals

by Helmut J. Böhm

done at the
Institute of Physics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, 1980

Computer Simulations of the binary collision approximation (BCA) type were used to model ion channelling in epitaxial bicrystals. It was found that such calculations can conveniently handle pseudomorphic interfaces at depths of up to some hundred Å from the bicrystal's surface in the case of simple cubic, bcc, fcc and diamond lattices. The depth dependence of the backscattering/channeling spectra were calculated. Interfaces containing misfit dislocations were modeled by van der Merwe's description of the interfacial strain field. Computations for lattice misfits of 10.5% and 28.9% show that for an ideal van der Merwe interface the backscattering/channelling yield from the interface is significantly higher than the corresponding surface peatk yeild of the same material.

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