SUBMISSION: It is preferred that contributions be submitted to the the organizers at the IWCMM7. If this is not possible, manuscripts should be sent to the organizers before December 31, 1997. Contributions arriving later cannot be considered for publication in the special issue of CMS.

Manuscripts must be in English of an adequate quality. One set of good quality original figures and two copies must be submitted with the manuscript. Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of Computational Materials Science. Note that revisions in accepted papers are in principle not possible. It is the authors' responsibility that the accepted paper is final in every respect.

PREPARATION OF MANUSCRIPTS: Manuscripts should be typed throughout with double line spacing and wide margins on numbered, single-column pages. The title page should contain the reference number as mentioned in the IWCMM7 booklet of abstracts, the title, authors' names and affiliations, the abstract and the text of any related footnotes. The author to whom the proofs should be sent must be indicated with her/his full postal address, fax number, telephone number and/or email address. One to four classification codes (PACS and/or MSC) and up to six keywords of the author's choice should be given below the abstract. The PACS'96 list is available on the American Physical Society web server http://publish.aps.org/PACS/pacsgen.html.

PREPARATION OF FIGURES: The publisher requires a set of good quality drawings and photographs to produce the printed figures.

LENGTH OF THE PRINTED PAPER: Invited papers max. 20 printed pages; Contributed papers max. 10 printed pages. Papers exceeding the limits significantly may be rejected. The following guidelines can be used to estimate the length of an article:

ELECTRONIC MANUSCRIPTS: The publisher invites the submission of electronic manuscripts for Computational Materials Science. It is the authors' responsibility that the electronic version exactly matches the paper manuscript. LaTeX articles or articles prepared with any of the well-known word processors can be handled by the Publisher. LaTeX is preferred.

The Elsevier LaTeX package (including detailed instructions to authors) can be obtained using anonymous FTP from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) from the directory /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/elsevier.
The participating hosts in the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network are:
- ftp.shsu.edu (TX, USA),
- ftp.dante.de (Germany),
- ftp.tex.ac.uk (UK).
In order to reduce network load, it is recommended that you use the CTAN host which is located closest to your site.

Questions concerning the LaTeX author-prepared article project and requests for the booklet with instructions to authors should be directed to the address below.

COPYRIGHT TRANSFER:The authors will receive a form with which they can transer copyright of the article to Elsevier. This transfer will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.

OFFPRINTS: Fifty offprints are provided free. Authors can order more of articles containing color figures receive 200 free offprints.

CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE PUBLISHER: After acceptance of an article, any correspondence should be addressed to:
Elsevier Science B.V., 
Computational Materials Science, 
Issue Management, 
P.O. Box 2759, 
1000 CT Amsterdam, 
The Netherlands.

Tel:   ++31 20 485 2517, 
Fax:   ++31 20 485 2319,
email: e.mathlener@elsevier.nl

For additional information see also the Elsevier web site http://www.elsevier.nl.

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