TU Wien, Sept. 25 - 26, 1997


M. Gasik (Helsinki)
Micromechanical Modelling of Functionally Graded Materials

F.D. Fischer, G. Reisner (Leoben)
Strain Induced Martensitic Transformation in an Elastic-Plastic Material

E. van der Giessen, P. Onck (Delft)
Micromechanics of Creep Fracture: Simulation of Intergranular Crack Growth

S. Weihe, F. Ohmenhauser, B. Kröplin (Stuttgart)
A Phenomenological Approach to Decompose the Geometrical and Constitutive Aspects of Failure Induced Anisotropy in Fibre Reinforced Materials


T. Antretter, F.D. Fischer (Leoben)
Particle Cleavage and Ductile Crack Growth in a Two-Phase Composite on a Microscale

C. Broeckmann, O.L. Lüsebrink (Bochum)
Influence of Coarse Hard Particles on Crack Tip Parameters at Elevated Temperatures

C. Broeckmann, R. Pandorf (Bochum)
Numerical Simulation of Matrix Damage in Aluminium Based MMCs

P.J. Connolly, P.E. McHugh (Galway)
Fracture Modelling in Metal Ceramic Composites using the Gurson Model and Crystal Plasticity Theory

P. Hähner, H. Stamm (Ispra)
The Critical Conditions of Serrated Flow in Lightweight Alloys

F. Jablonski, H. Bomas, R. Kienzler (Bremen)
Calculation of Fatigue Strength Based on the Weakest-Link Concept

M. Kuna (Freiberg)
Finite Element Analyses of Crack Problems in Piezoelectric Structures

P. Leßle, M. Dong, S. Schmauder (Stuttgart)
Selfconsistent Model to Simulate Interpenetrating Microstructures

G. Lin, A. Cornec, K.H. Schwalbe (Geesthacht)
Fracture Toughness of a Bimaterial Dissimilar Joint

P.E. McHugh, H. Riedel (Galway)
A Computational Model for Liquid Phase Sintering

O. Mintchev, J. Rohde, S. Schmauder (Stuttgart)
Crack Propagation Through Graded Ductile Zones in Hardmetals

L. Mishnaevsky, T. Steinkopff, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder, P. Gumbsch (Stuttgart)
3D Multiphase Elements for the Simulation of Deformation in Real Microstructures - Verification and Results

J. Najar, V. Silberschmidt (Munich)
Computational Modelling of Size Effect of Damage Inhomogeneity in Ceramics

T. Pandorf, S. Benke, D. Weichert (Aachen)
Thermoplasticity of MMCs Undergoing Large Deformations

R. Pippan, F.O. Riemelmoser (Leoben)
Fatigue of Bimaterials. An Investigation of the Plastic Mismatch

A. Plankensteiner, H.J. Böhm, F.G. Rammerstorfer (Vienna)
Multiscale Modeling of Cluster-Structured High Speed Steels

R. Pölling (Bochum)
Comparison of Damage and Fracturing Theory for Concrete

W. Qi, A. Bertram (Magdeburg)
Creep Damage Modeling of Single Crystal Superalloys

S. Quilici, G. Cailletaud (Paris)
Grain Boundary and Surface Effect in Polycrystalline Aggregates

T. Richter, H. Gläser (Freiberg)
Thin Film Damaging under Pressure Loading

R. Schiffmann, J. Arndt, W. Bleck, W. Dahl (Aachen)
The Influence of Strain History on Ductile Failure of Steel

B. Schrefler, U. Galvanetto, C. Pellegrino (Padova)
Plane Stress Plasticity in Periodic Composites

R. Sedlácek, W. Blum (Erlangen)
Internal Stresses in Dislocation Subgrain Structures Computed by FFT

M. Sester (Freiburg)
Modelling the Ratchetting Behaviour of X6 CrNiNb 18-10 under Thermomechanical Loading

T. Siegmund, W. Brocks (Geesthacht)
Local Fracture Criteria: A Comparative Study

V. Silberschmidt (Munich)
Multifractal Characteristics of Matrix Cracking in Laminates under T-Fatigue


H. Dietzhausen, M. Dong, S. Schmauder (Stuttgart)
Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Emission in Fibre Reinforced Polymers

G. Hein, E. Oberaigner, F.D. Fischer, K. Tanaka (Leoben)
Symbolic Numerical Simulations of Cross Effects of Plastification and Phase Transformation

S. Hönle, S. Schmauder (Stuttgart)
Micromechanical Simulation of Crack Growth in WC/Co Using Unit Cells

H. Neuhäuser, G. Fischer, R. Ritter, S. Schmauder, E. Steck, E. Woldt (Brunswick)
Investigation of the Deformation Behavior of Heterogeneous Materials by Direct Combination of Experiment and Computation

E. Soppa, S. Schmauder, D. Amos, E. Bischoff (Stuttgart)
The Influence of Second Phase and Grain Orientations on Deformation Patterns in Ag and Ag/Ni-Composite

E.A. Steck, S. Bross (Brunswick)
Simulation of Selforganised Dislocation Structures in b.c.c. Single-Crystals

J. Zhang, K.P. Herrmann (Paderborn)
Modelling of Stiffness Loss due to Multilayer Cracking in Composite Laminates

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