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Computational and Experimental Mechanics of Advanced Materials

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The organizers wish to thank all participants of the EC429, whose contributions have made it an interesting and stimulating meeting.



As discussed during the meeting, the deadline for submitting manuscripts for the planned special issue of the ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology has been extended to mid-November.

Manuscripts are to be submitted to Prof. Ewald Werner, TU München. A short compilation of instructions for authors is available.



The aim of the Colloquium is to bring together experts from the fields of material sciences, continuum and discrete mechanics and numerical modelling to improve the mutual understanding of the deformation and failure mechanisms governing the mechanical properties of advanced materials (composites, modern steels, multiphase materials, metal foams, etc.). The Colloquium focuses on modelling techniques, numerical simulations and the experimental verification of models describing the material response to various types of loading with emphasis on the interaction of global and local processes associated to the deformation, fracture and phase transformations in solid materials. An important aspect of the Colloquium will be the application of advanced materials.

As announced in the first circular, the chairmen of the Colloquium will be Helmut BÖHM (TU Wien, Austria), Ewald WERNER (TU München, Germany), and Vadim SILBERSCHMIDT (Loughborough University, UK).

There is an agreement with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to publish selected and fully reviewed papers presented at the EC429 in the October 2002 Issue of the Transactions of ASME: Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, which will be specifically dedicated to European research efforts in the field covered by the Colloqium. Manuscripts should follow the standard guidlines for the JEMT and are to be handed in during the meeting. If you require additional information in this respect, please, contact Ewald WERNER.



For organizational reasons the venue of the EC429 was changed from TU München (Munich, Germany) to the TU Wien (TU Wien; Vienna, Austria).

The Colloquium will be held on Wednesday, September 19, 2001, and Thursday, September 20, 2001, in lecture hall EI 8 (Pötzl-Hörsaal) of TU Wien, which is located at Gußhausstraße 27-29 in Vienna's 4th district. Because this lecture hall is located on the ground floor of the same building as the Institute of Light Weight Structures and Aerospace Engineering (ILFB), you can follow the directions to the ILFB to reach the conference site.



  Wednesday, 19/09/2001
08:30-09:30  Registration
09:30-09:45  Opening
09:45-11:00  Session 1: SMALL-SCALE MODELS
 Chairman: H.J. Böhm
 L11 - S.Conti, S.Müller, E.K.H.Salje
 L12 - A.DeSimone
 L13 - A.B.Movchan
11:00-11:30  Break
 Chairman: W.Kreher
 L21 - E.Gamsjäger, F.D.Fischer, P.Fratzl, N.Simha, J.Svoboda
 L22 - R.Kubler, M.Berveiller, M.Cherkaoui, K.Inal
 L23 - V.Silberschmidt, E.Werner
12:45-14:15  Lunch
 Chairman: E.Werner
 L31 - W.Kreher, J.Rödel
 L32 - F.Shang, M.Kuna, M.Scherzer
 L33 - N.V.Movchan
15:30-16:00  Break
16:00-17:40  Session 4: MICROMECHANICS - COMPOSITES
 Chairman: J.LLorca
 L41 - S.M.Aboutayeb, D.Weichert
 L42 - C.M.Brown, W.Dreyer, W.H.Müller
 L43 - T.Daxner, F.G.Rammerstorfer, H.Pettermann
 L44 - A.Rossoll, A.Mortensen
19:30  Conference Dinner (Heuriger)
  Thursday, 20/09/2001
09:15-10:30  Session 5: DELAMINATION, DEBONDING
 Chairman: R.Pyrz
 L51 - A.Abdul-Baqi, E.van der Giessen
 L52 - H.Ben Belgacem, S.Conti, A.DeSimone, S.Müller
 L53 - B.W.Zastrau, I.Lepenies, M.Richter
10:30-11:00  Break
 Chairman: V.Silberschmidt
 L61 - P.Almroth
 L62 - R.Pyrz
 L63 - A.Tatschl, O.Kolednik
12:15-13:45  Lunch
 Chairman: W.H. Müller
 L71 - R.Laternser, L.Taenzer, H.P.Gänser, A.Hartmeier
 L72 - C.Motz, A.Ableidinger, H.J.Böhm, F.G.Rammerstorfer
 L73 - J.Segurado, J.LLorca
15:00-15:30  Break
15:30-16:30  Session 8: PLENUM DISCUSSION
 Chairman: F.G.Rammerstorfer

Time for each presentation will be 25 minutes, which includes 5 minutes for discussion.


(in alphabetical order of the first authors' names)

A. Abdul-Baqi, E. van der Giessen (TU Delft / RU Groningen):
Indentation-Induced Interface Delamination and Coating Cracking

S.M. Aboutayeb, D. Weichert (RWTH Aachen):
Damage Simulation in Heterogeneous Metallic Materials - Simulation and Experiments

P. Almroth (U. Linköping):
Calibration of Viscoplastic Models to Describe the High Temperature Behavior of IN792

H.B. Ben Belgacem, S. Conti. A. DeSimone, S. Müller (MPI Leipzig):
Branched Microstructures and Debonding of Thin Films

C.M. Brown, W. Dreyer, W.H. Müller (Heriot-Watt U. / TU Berlin):
Discrete Fourier Transforms and their Application to Stress-Strain Problems in Composite Mechanics: A Convergence Study

S. Conti, S. Müller, E.K.H. Salje (MPI Leipzig / U. Cambridge):
Surface Structure of Domain Walls in Perovskites

T. Daxner, F.G. Rammerstorfer, H. Pettermann (TU Wien / ARC Seibersdorf):
Creep Deformation of MMCs in Four Point Bending Mode - Numerical Simulations at Various Length Scales

A. DeSimone (MPI Leipzig):
Multi-Well Energies, Domain Structures, and Advanced Materials

E.Gamsjäger, F.D. Fischer, P. Fratzl, N. Simha, J. Svoboda (MU Leoben / U. Miami / IPM Brno):
Interaction of Deformation, Phase Transformation and Diffusion in Solids - Experiments and Modelling

W.S. Kreher, J. Rödel (TU Dresden):
Modelling Macroscopic Response and Internal Fields for Ferroelectric Ceramics

R. Kubler, M. Berveiller, M. Cherkaoui, K. Inal (ENSAM Metz):
Transformation of Textures in Unstable Austenite Steels

R. Laternser, L. Taenzer, H.P. Gänser, A.Hartmaier (HILTI AG):
Chip Formation in Cellular Materials

C. Motz, A. Ableidinger, H.J. Böhm, F.G. Rammerstorfer (ESI Leoben / TU Wien):
Deformation and Failure Behavior of Ductile Aluminium Foams under Tensile Loading

A.B. Movchan (U. Liverpool):
Imperfect Interfaces and Discrete Lattice Structures

N.V. Movchan (U. Liverpool):
Damping and Polarization of Elastic Waves in Disordered Systems

R. Pyrz (U. Aalborg):
Inverse Problem in Reconstructing Microstructure of Unidirectional Composite Materials

A. Rossoll, A. Mortensen (EPF Lausanne):
A 2 1/2 D Approach towards Defining RVEs for Particle Reinforced Composites

J. Segurado, J. LLorca (UP Madrid):
A Numerical Validation of Classical Models for the Elastic Properties of Sphere-Reinforced Composites

F. Shang, M. Kuna, M. Scherzer (TU-BA Freiberg):
Development of Finite Element Techniques for Three-Dimensional Analyses of Thermopiezoelectric Materials

V. Silberschmidt, E. Werner (U. Loughborough / TU München):
Thermal Loading of Duplex Steels

A. Tatschl, O. Kolednik (ESI Leoben):
A New Experimental Tool for Investigating Micro-Plasticity

B.W. Zastrau, I. Lepenies, M. Richter (TU Dresden):
Mechanical Modelling of Debonding of the Fibre-Matrix Interface in Unidirectional Textile Reinforced Concrete in a Tension Specimen



Due to the change in the venue of the EC429, the registration fees were recalculated as follows:
  EUROMECH members:   ATS 1.460,-   (EUR 106,-)
  other participants:   ATS 1.900,-   (EUR 138,-)
  conference dinner for accompanying persons:   ATS 490,-

The conference fee includes refreshments during coffee breaks, tickets for two lunches at the dining hall ("Mensa") in the TU's Freihaus building (Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10; building D on the map), and an informal conference dinner which will be held at a traditional Viennese Heuriger.

The conference fee is to be paid during registration. We will be able to accept cash or Eurocheques (in Austrian Schillings, ATS), but not credit cards. If this procedure causes major problems for you, please, contact the Conference Office to discuss alternative modes of payment.

The above conference fee of EUR 138,- includes a EUROMECH membership for one year at a cost of EUR 32,- for each participant who is not a member of EUROMECH. Please, note that the standard yearly subscription for EUROMECH comes at the lower price of EUR 24,-. Application forms for EUROMECH membership can be downloaded from the EUROMECH web site.

Note that the general secretariat of EUROMECH provides up to three grants of EUR 200,- each for scientists below the age of 35 who participate in the colloquium. Please, contact the Conference Office if you wish to apply for one of these grants.



Please, note that the conference office given in the first circular is no longer active and that all communication should be addressed to
Helmut Böhm,
Institut für Leichtbau und Flugzeugbau, TU Wien
Gußhausstr. 27-29,
A-1040 Wien, Austria
Tel.: (+43 1) 58801 31712
Fax: (+43 1) 58801 31799


Contingents of rooms have been set aside to be booked by colloquium participants at the

Clima Hotel Johann Strauss
Favoritenstr. 12, A-1040 Wien
Tel.: (+43 1) 5057624
Fax: (+43 1) 5057628
and the
Hotel Erzherzog Rainer
Wiedner Hauptsr. 27-29, A-1040 Wien
Tel.: (+43 1) 501 11-0
Fax: (+43 1) 501 11-350

For both hotels participants of the EC429 are eligible for a special reduced rate of ATS 1.090,- per night (please, upon booking specify explicitly that you will attend the EC429) for bookings prior to August 18, 2001. Both hotels are within a few minutes of walking distance to the conference venue.

If you prefer to book in another hotel of your choice, you may wish to avail yourself of one of the following web sites

Note that the conference site is in Vienna's 4th district (postal code A-1040), so that hotels located in the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th districts tend to be within reasonable walking distance.
Because the subway station "Karlsplatz" is very close to the conference site, it can also be reached quickly from any accommodation located close to a subway station. In addition, Karlsplatz is also a major hub for municipal street cars and buses.
If you travel to Vienna by car, you are strongly advised to walk or take public transport to the conference site - the parking situation around the TU Wien is tight.

Generally, it is advisable to reserve a hotel room soon, because September is still part of the tourist season in Vienna and hotels may be heavily booked.



The Conference Dinner on Sept. 19 will take take the form of a buffet at a traditional Viennese Heuriger, the

Weingut Heuriger Ing. Werner Welser
Probusgasse 12, A-1190 Wien

This Heuriger can be easily reached by public transport in about 45 min. from the conference venue (take the subway U4 from Karlsplatz to Heiligenstadt, there you change to a bus of line 38A which you ride to the stop "Armbrustergasse", from where it is about a five minutes' walk to the Heuriger Welser; to generate a small map call the GIS WienGraphik and enter the address Probusgasse 12).

You are strongly advised not to go to the Heuriger by private car. On the one hand, the parking situation there is pretty bad and, on the other hand, one of the purposes of going to a Heuriger is to drink some wine ...

If you plan to attend the Heuriger with accompanying persons, please, be so kind as to advise the conference office in advance to help us in planning.



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Austrian National Tourist Board
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